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See what you got

There are too many things to see in your dashboard, you should take alook. Create a few notes, manage your followers and subscribers and see the logs page to what happening related with your account.

See some statistics about your account like your total notes, total subscribers, total followers, total note views etc.

There are too many access options able to create a note, you can pick one of them like.

Public notes that you can create, everyone can see that, Followers only notes that you can create, only your followers can see that, Subscribers only notes that you can create, only your subscribers can see that, Protected notes that you can create, only people can see who is has a password, Private notes that you can create, only the owner of the note can see that note.

Create Note

You can decide who can see your note while you create a note.

Manage Followers

Go to your dashboard and take a look your followers, they will find you from followed page too.

Manage Subscribers

Go to your dashboard and take a look your subscribers, they will get noticed when you share a new note.

Check Your Activities

You can check your activities on your logs page in the dashboard. You can see everything related with you.

Check the Datas

There are too many data in your dashboard you should take a look it.

Be Publisher

Create some notes and share it on the internet. Don't forget to check your numbers of followers and subscribers.


Begin to create a few notes.

You will love to create a note while using our website. And choice a access option to share with someone. If you need to create a private note able to only you see, don't forget to choice Private note option while you create a note.

Don't Forget to Share

People can follow you or be subscribe to you.

Check the Dashboard

Your followers can see your profile from their dashboard.

Keep Creating

Keep creating notes that people can love.

Get in Touch

Your subscribers get a email when you share a subscribers only note and they can see your profile their dashboard.